Having spent the past few weeks working on my second novel, I decided at the weekend to expand its range and depth of story. I spend the guts of the past few days working on a detailed synopsis of the plot from start to finish. I prefer to map it all out so I know where I’m headed.

However, I realised that very similar in structure and plot to my first novel.  I’m off a mind to scrap it and start over but I am wrecking my brain to think of a credible and complex crime plot but my brain is pickled. I can think of basic linear plots but when it come to labrynthine plots and strands all weaved together, forget it.

Am I being thick/stupid?

Why am I writing crime fiction even? What’s my spur to write it or wanting to write it?

As I mentioned in an earlier post, I like the idea of twisted fate but modern crime novels  have more complexity than the typical user-guide of a nuclear powerstation.

Is such compexity absolutely necessary however?

How many of us, when reading crime fiction, follow every strand, every plot twist and nuance? How many of us even read them to work out who-dunnit? I certainly dont. I find it quite difficult to follow such plots without investing in   multicoloured post-it notes and notebooks but I dont want to be so celebrally challenged like that. It sounds too much like homework or doing the Times crypic crossword times 20.

I read fiction for the general story and for the texture. I rarely remember a thing about what I read once done but I know I’ve enjoyed it and that’s ok to a point but it doesn’t make for terribly good conversation. Not for me are discussions about main characters and what they got up on page 122 when in fact, they said that on page 80 and said this on page 232 etc. Details aint for me or perhaps that’s a lazy way of thinking. I dont know.

Perhaps I’m having a bad day of writer’s bloc and writer’s repetition.

Advice on a postcard please  🙂