By hook and by crook, I finally got this to work. If you follow the steps below, you should be able to make this work for you too. Its basically on the principle of emailing a PDF to your Kindle email account that was provided to you when you registered your Kindle’s settings on page 2 under Device Email.

I will use the reference myemail@kindle.com

You will find your Kindle Email address on page 2 of your Kindle’s Device Settings

1/ Convert your document into a PDF

2/ Log onto Amazon and then choose Your Account on the top right

3/Scroll down until you see Digital Content on the left hand side

4/ Click on Manage Your Kindle

5/ Click on Personal Document Settings

6/ Now you have to tell Kindle which email addresses are approved senders. You cannot send email to your Kindle from any old email address. Well, you can but Kindle likes to know if it’s legitimate. Click on Add a New Approved Email Address and just type in the name of your email address you are mostly likely to email from. You can add as many as you like but you must click Add A New Approved Email Address each time

7/ From one of your approved email accounts, send an email with your PDF attachment, with the word CONVERT in the Subject line and send it to mymail@free.kindle.com

That’s right. It looks different from the email mentioned in your Kindle device settings. The snag is that if you email to the settings email, you could be charged $2.50. By sending it to the free.kindle.com email address, you can do this for free. Why Amazon does this, who knows

8/ Now assuming your Kindle is on wifi or 3g, just wait a few seconds and hey presto, your document now appears on the Home screen and is ready for reading

Nothing’s simple, is it? Let me know how this goes for you. It worked for me but I had formatting issues i.e. page breaks were ignored but it’s only my document.