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One of the many wonderful features of Kindle is that you email your humble documents to yourself for reading on Kindle.

“How do you that?” I hear your whisper

Well, I have pieced together the following and it’s a definitive guide:

First of all, log into your Amazon account and choose Your Account from the top right



1. Save the document as a pdf file to your computer’s hard drive.
2.  Email the document as an attachment to your special email provided by Amazon.  In the subject line of the email type the word “Convert”.  This is the magic word that lets the document “reflow” or resize text once it hits your Kindle.  Send the document.
3.  In under a minute (in my experience) you will receive an email from Amazon telling you that your converted document has arrived and is available for download.  Download the .azw file to your hard drive.  Pay attention to where you save it.  I have a folder named “My Kindle Docs” to which I save converted documents.
4.  Connect your Kindle to your computer via the usb cable.  When you first connect the Kindle it acts like a removable drive.  Open this Kindle folder.  Drag the .azw file you received in the email to the documents folder on your Kindle.  Viola!  You can now read the document and resize the text size as needed.