Hi there

Tired of the same old cities serving as the same old locations for crime and mystery (don’t worry, I’m not chastising! I’m guilty of writing for these locations too)

New York, London, Edinburgh,Chicago, Manchester, Los Angeles. Stoke (did ai say Stoke? I certainly did!): you have served us very well and in fact you still do and will in the future but what a challenge it would be to set a crime/mystery story in say in a Smallsville near you.

So if you are from Illinois, how about setting a story in Gibson City? If you’re from Australia, how about Mission Beach, Queensland etc

You get the picture

So my competition is as follows:

Choose a small town you know well

Write an original crime/mystery piece up to 10000 words where your small town is a strong feature in the narrative

Send to me on martinjfranksonthewriter@yahoo.co.uk

CLOSING DATE March 30th 2012

The prize will be a £20 quid book token (or your local currency equivalent) and an exclusive interview with you on this blog

Good luck!