I rarely offer any social or political opinions here as its not the forum and you all have opinions of your own which I have no right to seek to change or challenge. After all, I am a crime writer and not a politician.

However, I am a human and I do have a sense of moral and social justice. I hate bullying for instance. I hate seeing ordinary, decent, harmless people ending up in trouble for actions which were not guided by malice or criminal intent.

I am talking about my fellow citizens, Gary McKinnon and Chris Tappin. You can search the internet for the details and make up your own minds but here are useful places to start


Gary McKinnon suffers from Asperger’s Syndrome. He is a young, harmless man who is also a computer expert. Of course he had no right to breach Military computers and nations do have the right to defend themselves but common sense and compassion should be exercised here and not just a ‘one size fits all’ judicial policy imposed. There are shades of grey in every human endevour and while it does take time and effort to examine and identify those shades of grey, its an effort that is ESSENTIAL in the pursuit of justice.

Gary McKinnon is not a terrorist nor were his intentions borne from malice. He was just a daft, misguided young man who channeled his superb technical talents in a childish direction. He does not deserve to be sentenced to a WHOLE LIFE TARIFF which is a real and blood chilling possibility if he is extradited.

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As for Chris Tappin, a late middle-aged, suburban Kentish businessman, chairman of his golf club. This man is a pipe and slippers man, not a terrorist. There may be a case to answer in terms of what he claims was sold or not sold but does he deserve to spend the rest of his natural life in a foreign prison for this?

It’s the lack of compassion and proportionality that angers me.

So I say in the strong possible terms to the British Home Secretary Theresa May, please stop the extraditions.

You have the power.

Use it.