Today I received some great news. My short story Garbage Men (adapted from the British/Irish term Bin Men) has been accepted for publication by literary website and print publication The Rusty Nail whose website is:

One thing I’m learning is to get one’s work out there. Twitter, Facebook, email and trawling the Internet are vital for finding out what competitions, publications and opportunities there are to showcase your work.  I am currently half-way through my second novel and I find that taking time out to write flash-fiction and short stories can serve to recharge the creative batteries as you are switching focus and exercising a completely different set of creative muscles.

Not only am I challenging myself to turn to different styles and forms of writing but I am building up a considerable body of work some of which I intend to submit to many publications both physical and on-line.

So once again, my many thanks to Craig Hart, the Editor-in-Chief of The Rusty Nail for his belief in my work and to my highly esteemed friend and talented writer Valerie Sirr who put me onto The Rusty Nail in the first place from her wonderful blog

You can follow The Rusty Nail on @rustynailmag and

Valerie Sirr on @valeriesirr on Twitter