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Today, I came across a wonderful second-hand/used book stall in Soho, London and found a few rare and reasonably priced gems. One of them, a 1959 Soho-based memoir Stand On Meby Frank Norman not only is a treasure but it contained one of the most delightful bookmarks I have ever come across.

It was an tiny folded-up entertainment newsletter for Eastbay, San Francisco for the week of April 10-16th 1952!!

It was in remarkably good condition despite its 60 years of age


Above is the front cover and below are a few more of the details of shows, movies, singers, cabarets and plays, some long faded from the public mind but some that have mounted the plinth of immortality.




So the 1950’s were a time of innocence and wholesomeness, right?

Well take a look at the last illustration of the adult-only French burlesque. To quote:
“Spicey! Daring! Ginger Britton The Sultry Heart Throb.. Red Hot Midnite Show Saturday (Adults Only)”

Well hats off to the eternal verities of life and how fitting I came across this in the once notorious Dean Street. They say Soho isn’t what it used to be but isn’t that said of anywhere at any time?

As for Ginger Britton – I wonder what became of her.

Her name has long faded into obscurity like some of the other artistes in this bijou little programe but today, in this little corner of Blogland, she once again takes to the stage in the minds of those who read this article.

And in our own little way, Ginger is once again a star.