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As you may know, my first novel, Black Champagne will be released later his year. It’s set in Chicago in the US and it’s very much steeped in the noir/crime/mystery tradition. It’s main character, Callum McCambridge is a private detective and ex Chicago PD. A face from the past returns to the present to wreak revenge on Callum from the shadows. As Callum watches the life he knows slide down the pan, he goes to ground, coming face to face with his past to find out who’s behind it all.  

In a journey that takes him from the seedy underbelly of Chicago to the other worldliness of rural Illinois,  from the death of Jimmy Hoffa to the mysterious suicide of his wife, this is a tale of a man who lost the soul the though he never had but missed it when it was gone.

Does he get it back? Fate whips its tail in one final awful crack that could send him hurtling to even a lowlier  place but does he succumb?

The editor is Emma Warnock who lives and works in Belfast, United Kingdom/Ireland and the cover art work is being designed by Roberta Martucci from Naples, Italy.

 If all goes to plan, my book will be available for sale on Kindle, CreateSpace and Lulu from September 2012 so watch this space!