On Saturday, a friend of a friend drove us downtown with some people I’ve gotten to know here. We ended up in a dive bar on East Vancouver.

While I was there I noticed a couple playing pool under lamps that saw better days. I asked permission to take a b/w photo and the subject was only to glad to help. (Thanks Helen).

The subject was ethereal in dress and demeanour and looked a fish out water in a bar full of superannuated teenagers , booze hounds and walking canvases for tattoo parlours and those with a taste for cut off denim waistcoats.

The photo turned out better than I expected. The subject came out an unearthly white and her stance by the pool table exuded a sense of her being a unworldly visitation as opposed to earthly participant in the game of the pool that was in progress.

Beauty can be mined from any seam. All you have to do is look for it.

It is always there.