Black Friday, Cyber Monday, Boxing Day : the religion of consumerism where we worship in the cathedrals of malls and amazon, now has its own liturgical calendar just like any other religion on earth.

They say that if you have only 5 minutes to spend in a country and you want to find out what’s most important to its denizens, just look at what its biggest buildings are.

Once upon a time In the West, that would have been cathedrals and palaces, Now it’s shopping centres and financial institutions.

We say we are in a post religious society but are we really? Have we replaced the Gods of the long flowing white beards with the Gods of the box set, the plasma TV, the 50% off sales sign, the latest smartphone?

it’s ok to have a god shaped hole in our hearts that needs to be filled but we should be careful to choose what we fill it with because if know it or not, something will fill it. Better to fill it by design rather than have it filled surreptitiously or by societal pressure.

I’m not against consumerism per se, we all like nice things if we are lucky to afford them but not to excess. If you have ten pairs of shoe, do you really need an 11th? If buying the 10th pair didn’t bring you life satisfaction then I doubt that the 11th pair will.

And I’m not saying everyone should start becoming religious necessarily in the traditional sense.

We and I count myself in this too, should think about how to fill that ‘god shaped hole’ with something that brings real meaning not just to ourselves but others too.

After having finished another boxset last night and finding myself looking for a new one, it dawned on me that I should be looking for better ways of filling my time. Perhaps I’ve got lazy and complacent and I’ve been thinking why this may have happened. Unrelenting work pressures and corporate bullshit have seeped into every pore  and it’s killing my spirit


Time for big changes I think.